CLEMENS & VITULLO, P. C. is a small law firm situated in Plymouth Meeting, PA highly specialized in only one area of law: industrial injury litigation, or as it is more commonly known, “workers’ compensation.” We have run departments, lectured at universities and before

several bar associations on industrial injury topics, and wrestled with the insurance company lawyers before judges from every corner of Pennsylvania, the Appeal Board, and the appellate courts.

Because we started our workers’ compensation careers as defense attorneys, representing the insurance companies, we know the other side, their tactics, motives and thought processes better than any other practicing plaintiffs’ firm. With our comprehensive knowledge of the entire workers’ compensation system, we can maximize your recovery and at the same time protect you medically and thus protect your family from harm inflicted when you become disabled from a work injury. You may not realize it, but your entire family is affected by your work injury. You may suffer significant economic hardship due to a lack of money coming into your household. You may have other rights to more immediate benefits that may supplement your income while your workers’ compensation claim is being litigated by our firm. You may have medical bills piling up and debt collectors dunning you with phone calls, letters, and notices that your credit rating will be ruined if you don’t pay them immediately. You will experience stress and pressure from several different angles all at once that require the specialized need of the attorneys and staff at CLEMENS & VITULLO, P. C. We allow your life to function as closely to normal as it can while you rehabilitate your body and attempt to return to the work force. Your physical injuries may result in your need to visit a psychiatrist or psychologist due to depression caused by your work injury. You need sound legal advice and careful medical planning to chart the course of your recovery and heal your injuries. At CLEMENS & VITULLO, P. C. , our competent and highly trained staff and attorneys will provide you with the information, counseling and caring assistance to compassionately,
yet intelligently, guide you through this maze that we call “workers’ compensation.”

When our clients first meet with us at our offices, they are hurt, angry and confused. They frequently   want “justice” and “reimbursement” for their lost money and medical payments made out of pocket. They want their entitlements and believe that a workers’ compensation judge will easily see the case from their viewpoint. Maybe, MAYBE NOT.  Remember, when you enter the workers’ compensation system, you are entering an arena that you are unfamiliar with, very much like entering

a sports stadium for the first time. You are competing against the insurance company for your right to receive your benefits: wage loss and medical payments. But first you must win the competition. That’s why CLEMENS & VITULLO, P. C. is in the workers’ compensation business, and only the workers’ compensation business. We function solely to handle your case, and every aspect of it, from start to finish, with our personalized service. We don’t put you on hold. We don’t dump your

call onto an invisible paralegal. Our attorneys–the people whose names are on the door–actually take your calls, answer your questions, and counsel you on your case. We become a family member for you, and many of our clients on settlement day are sad to see the attorney-client relationship end.

At CLEMENS & VITULLO, P. C., you have absolutely free consultations with Don or Patrick. Our office provides easy transportation for clients who live in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. Free parking and immediate access to the Blue Route (Rt. 476), the PA Turnpike (Exit 25) and Germantown Pike (Center City and points east). We are closely situated to Ridge Pike for our Roxborough and East Falls clients. If you travel by bus and your closest drop off point is the Plymouth Meeting mall, we will provide shuttle service to our office.