Patrick Vitullo ……..

Since 1982, Patrick Vitullo has practiced Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law, first in a small plaintiffs’ firm in Norristown, then as an insurance defense attorney for Wausau Insurance Companies (1983-1986), and after that as an associate and partner in the Workers’ Compensation Department of Labrum & Doak, LLP. From 1992 to 1996, Mr. Vitullo was the Chair of the Workers ’ Compensation Department at Labrum & Doak. He then became a partner atWeber, Goldstein, Greenberg & Gallagher from January, 1996 to May, 2000, representing insurance carriers and self-insured employers.

On May 1, 2000, CLEMENS & VITULLO, P. C. began business primarily in the representation of injured Pennsylvania workers. Since his return to plaintiff’s work, Mr. Vitullo has taken claims against all major (and some minor) insurance companies and self-insured employers that do business in Pennsylvania. He has represented injured workers on complex occupational disease claims, psychiatric claims, orthopedic claims, neuropsycological /closed head trauma cases, and numerous other work injuries.

Mr. Vitullo’s received his Bachelor of Arts degree, with honors, from the University of Notre Dame in May, 1979. He received a bicentennial scholarship for summer studies in political science in Oxford, England in July, 1976. He graduated from Villanova Law School in May, 1982. While at Villanova Law School, Mr. Vitullo authored an article entitled “Secondary Boycotts and the Public Sector,” published by Dickinson Law Review in Vol. 87, Winter, 1983 edition. This article was cited in Title 43 of the Public Employee Relations Act (PERA) of Pennsylvania Purdon’s Statutes Annotated. The work was also part of the course materials at Villanova Law School’s public employee law course, and appeared on national computer data bases in law libraries. Mr. Vitullo has also lectured extensively on workers’ compensation law for the Philadelphia and Reading, Pennsylvania, Bars, including as a “keynote speaker” at the 1987 PennsylvaniaWorkers’ Compensation Referees’ Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA.
grandfatherHe has lectured at Temple University School of Law. Mr. Vitullo has written three legal articles on workers’ compensation that were published in the Pennsylvania Law-Journal Reporter (1990, 1993) and Pennsylvania LawWeekly (1998) on Act 57 Amendment to workers’ compensation; medical claims after the 1993 Act 44 amendment; and medical expense litigation under the 1972 Amendments. He also wrote an article involving the Utilization Review medical expense provisions and attorney fee requests.

He is the grandson of an Italian coal miner (see photo below) who worked in the Oklahoma and Pittsburgh coal mines from 1909 to 1960. Pasquale Vitullo’s 1948 United Mine Workers Local 6160 button with the portrait of famous labor leader John L. Lewis reminds our clients of our heritage and commitment to injured workers. Mr. Vitullo has worked labor positions with trucking firms and coal companies in Western Pennsylvania from 1969 to 1980 before studying the law.

Mr. Vitullo is a member of the Pennsylvania state and Montgomery County bars. He is also admitted to practice in the U.S. Western and Eastern federal district courts of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Vitullo was voted “Super Lawyer” in Workers’ Compensation by Philadelphia Magazine since 2005.