Here are Some Suggestions for Making
Life Easier While on Workers’ Compensation

The following are some suggestions based on our observations and sixty-plus years of workers’ compensation experience. Some or all of these suggestions may apply to your particular case. These are just general guidelines.


Generally speaking, if you are awarded temporary total disability benefits, the insurance company is required to send you checks on a periodic basis. Some insurance companies pay weekly, others biweekly. It is extremely critical for you to keep a written record of each and every check. Your record must include the date of the check, the amount, and the period covered by the check. Checks are frequently late. The reason vary, from the weather, to holidays, to changes and screw ups with the insurance companies, to political events (9/11, etc.). Just because you receive a check every Wednesday, it does not mean that you will continue to receive a check every Wednesday. You must expect and plan for occasional periods when the checks are late. It is not supposed to happen. In reality, it happens quite frequently. If your check is more than seven (7) days late call us immediately. We will call the insurance company for you.

Medical Bills

Do not pay for medical treatment out of your own pocket. Whenever possible, all medical treatment should be within the borders of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. You are not personally responsible for medical bills incurred within Pennsylvania, for treatment of a legally recognized work injury.

Prescription Medication

Do not pay for prescription medication out of your own pocket. This will inevitably cause a problem. Please have your pharmacy bill the insurance company directly, or use one of the prescription services for injured workers. Ask us for an application.

Settlement Papers

Please save all important legal papers. These include judge’s decisions and settlement papers. It is extremely important for you to receive and keep a copy of any Compromise and Release Agreements. This will become important for your social security and you will need this paperwork years into the future. We strongly recommend that you save judge’s decisions and settlement paperwork for a minimum of ten years! The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the workers’ compensation judges keep the paperwork only for a short period of time. Therefore it is your responsibility to save your documents.