News & Settlements from Clemens & Vitullo, P.C. ……..
  • 1) 45 year old maintenance person suffered severe C5-6, C6-7 fractures, multiple cervical spine surgeries, spine stimulator. Case settled for $172,000 plus Medical Set-aside Trust valued at $273,000 for total settlement value of $445,000. Companion Third party lawsuit also filed.

  • 2) 52 year old female grocery store worker with work-related right knee replacement surgery and wage of only $560.00 week settled for $124,000.

  • 3) 60 year old widow on Fatal Claim Petition. Husband was office worker who died from Stage IV pancreatic cancer. I successfully argued that that pancreatic cancer was related to exposure to solvents and cutting oils at the factory where he was employed. Comp case settled for $290,000.00 based on my presentation of toxicological evidence that pancreatic cancer can be caused from hazardous chemicals used in solvents and oils. Case referred to toxic tort counsel and just settled third party claim for $920,000.00. Total recovery for widow from both cases will be almost $800,000.00.

  • 4) $125,000 recovery for bouncer from local gentleman’s club who suffered bilateral tendon injuries while breaking up fight with patron at club.

  • 5) $195,000 recovery for 46 year old female workers’ compensation claims supervisor who suffered low back injury in airport while travelling to work site.

  • 6) $406,000 recovery for 40 year old female office worker with $250.25 compensation rate. Claimant suffered Stage IV RSD, had an IRE rating of 58%, permanent and total injury, using spine stimulator. Claimant also recovered over $575,000.00 in third party medical malpractice action.

  • 7) 58 year old dock worker recovered $373,842 for payment of future work-related medical treatment for cognitive brain injury, psychiatric disorder, and post-concussion syndrome after a 2001 indemnity settlement of $145,000. Settlement paid to injured worker through both lump sum and annuitized payments for his life expectancy.